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moncler outlet location But it’s not over yet and it is still in their hands.So what do Steven Gerrard’s men need to do?Games still to play November 29: Rangers vs Villarreal, Spartak Moscow vs Rapid Vienna.December 13: Rapid Vienna vs Rangers, Villarreal vs Spartak Moscow.What needs to happen?The first simple permutation is if Rangers win both their games against Villarreal and Rapid Vienna then they will qualify on 11 points. It is still in their hands but it will be two difficult games for the Ibrox side, particularly if they defend as badly as they did against Spartak Moscow.No team in this group has won more than one game so far which makes it a very even affair, and all four can still qualify by winning their final two matches.If Rangers win against Villarreal This result would leave Rangers with a simple task to qualify, beat Rapid moncler jacket sale Vienna in the last game.But if they beat Villarreal then lose to Rapid Vienna, then it would come down to the result between the Austrians and Spartak in the next round of moncler outlet sale fixtures. A Rangers and Rapid double in two weeks would put Rangers top of the group on eight points, with Rapid in second on seven, Villarreal on six and Spartak on five.Rangers’ five SFA charges explained as club vow to fight back in Willie Collum rowSo a win for Rapid in the final game would put them through as group winners on 10 points and Rangers will be left hoping for a draw between Villarreal and Spartak Moscow on the final moncler sale outlet day, with a win for either side sending them through if Rangers lose to Rapid.Victories for Rangers and Spartak in the next set of games would put both teams on eight points and end Rapid Vienna’s chance of qualifying. moncler outlet location

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