So Vive users will play with Vive controllers

Control wise, I assume people are using the Oculus hand held controllers? KB seems unworkable with VR, but I assume Xbox controller use is still compatible for those who don have the Oculus controllers? Is it compatible with the full motion sensor stuff?You can play with keyboard and mouse AFAIK. (I don even think you can play with a traditional xBox or PS4 controller.)Most people play with the controllers that come with their headset (All major VR headsets come with the controllers, or expect that you already own them).So Vive users will play with Vive controllers, Oculus users with the Oculus controllers, etc.It not natively compatible with any other tracking (full body, gloves or feet).What sort of experience have people actually had with it?Personally I enjoy it more than regular Skyrim, however my play space requires me to prepare in advance everytime I want to play, which is tedious.Well, I guess this nails it; I need to get a Rift or similar. I was already itching to pull the trigger on VR because of Elite Dangerous (I highly recommend it) and thought Skyrim in VR was only a fantasy.

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