Most of the employers under federal regulations require

All persons hunting must be properly licensed. A trapping license is required for any person age 12 or older and a Trapper Education course must be passed to lawfully trap. Licenses must be openly displayed in the middle of the back on outer clothing.

The final months of the war, New Jersey was overhauled at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, from which she sailed 4 July for San Pedro, Pearl Harbor, and Eniwetok bound for Guam. Here on 14 August she once again became flagship of the 5th Fleet under Admiral Spruance. Brief stays at Manila and Okinawa preceded her arrival in Tokyo Bay 17 September, where she served as flagship for the successive commanders of Naval Forces in Japanese waters until relieved 28 January 1946 by Iowa (BB 61).

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“Taking evasive measures”, said the car. The next thing I knew, we had crashed through the barrier and were charging up a grassy hill. As the little electric cab dug into the wet earth I thought it couldn’t possibly make it up, but with a sudden growl it lurched over the crest of the hill as easily as a 4×4.

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