If you plan to go trekking in an unfamiliar area

I think you both right. In our relation to the characters, the lack of shooter identity absolutely serves the purpose /u/Jkizzle9 outlined, since there no known connection between them and the shooter. I do, however, also think it served as a critique on the media sensationalism of school shooters.

Some groups do charge a membership fee to help defray the costs associated with web maintenance and other related expenses, but most do have a free membership area where you can get enough information to give geocaching a try. Additionally, most of these sites will have forums where you can get advice from seasoned geocachers on anything from which GPS to buy to what type of items to leave behind. If you plan to go trekking in an unfamiliar area, you can also use these communities to get information on climate, terrain, and other geographical data that will help you better plan your trip..

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