No your weedwacker is not a knife

I was on a bike, in the bike lane, he was driving in a van. I guess he wanted to drive in the bike lane, he started honking and freaking out that I was in front of him. I flipped him off, he pulled out in front of me, parked his car blocking all but part of the oncoming lane, which meant to get around him I had to go by his door.

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The United States had strict standards in place for the colors of camouflage on military aircraft, although these standards did change over the years. The Army Air Force used mostly an olive drab paint above and neutral gray on the undersides. Blue or gray was also widely used on the bottom of aircraft so that the planes blended with the sky when looking up at them.

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Mann it feels so gud.And before that, my friend was trying out Siri out of boredom. Blew my mind as to how advance out tech has become.If we ever have a working virtual reality like in SAO. I think I still going to go WUOOOHHHHHH for few days after trying them onHey, you know of this old anime/manga called Ranma 1/2? It a romance/martial arts/comedy series whose main character is a guy (Saotome Ranma) that been cursed to transform into a girl whenever he gets splashed by cold water, and turns back into a guy when splashed with hot water.

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If you think your post would be better suited in another sub post it there. No your weedwacker is not a knife. NEW: No memes, image macros, reaction pic/gifs as link posts.No harassment of any kind. Instead of finding a better alternative they support any religion that attacks Christianity. Atheism wasn cutting it for these folks so they back Islam. They have no understanding of their new partner.