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So legislation will play its part but a bigger decider will be whether the tech industry as a whole is willing to join in. There are encouraging signs certainly among the big players, that the trend is towards more openness about what is going on “behind the scenes” with our data, and giving us a say in how it is used. The growing number of options canada goose outlet nyc provided by the likes of Facebook and Google are evidence of this, as are the increasing efforts to provide transparent terms and conditions and user agreements.

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According to WBAY, officer Martin Folczyk of the Menomonie Police Department stopped a speeding silver BMW near the University of Wisconsin Stout campus. At the wheel of the car was an frantic, unnamed UW Stout student with the look of a man late to his own wedding. The student, apparently not realizing he’d been pulled over, got out of the car and slung his backpack over his shoulder while Officer Folczyk approached him.

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