Most of the ICOs launched on the Ethereum platform were scams

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Designer Replica Bags They couldn even do their own Java implementation 7a replica bags wholesale or their own address format, they copy pasted their address format from bech32 and their Java implementation from Bcoin and most of their other stuff is just really old rejected proposals from the Bitcoin repository.rogver 23 points submitted 12 days agoIs Ethereum (ETH) dying! Ethereum reached a high of 0.15BTC, but has now fallen to 0.03BTC, as the market has lost faith in this project.Most of the ICOs launched on the Ethereum platform were scams.Ethereum replica bags ru has yet to launch a killer APP. The most successful app was CryptoKitties, and this one app caused severe network congestion, and almost brought Ethereum to its knees!Roger Ver said in May 2018 “Ethereum could overtake Bitcoin by the end of the year” This prediction has failed to materialise. Bitcoin BTC had 37.6 percent market dominance in May 2018, but Bitcoin BTC has now risen to 53% market dominance!Bitcoin BTC has improved tremendously since the prediction was made, with the help of SegWit 4MB Block Weight, and succesful layer 2 solutions like Lightning and Liquid, transaction fees are now at their lowest for 3 years! 6 points submitted 12 days agoThe dev replica bags london who found the bug did not find the inflation bug, he reported a crash bug and the inflation was found by a core dev who then reported it to ABC devs as ABC had the same bug.This is false Designer Replica Bags.