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buy canada goose jacket Like other demolition derbies, combine drivers give their vehicles intimidating names, like “Jaws” and “Hillbilly Daycare” and, uh, “Shortbus” and sigh “Tater Salad.” But don’t let the names that sound like they were christened by backwoods bullies with self esteem issues fool you these are dangerous machines that are at least 25 years old, ripping into each other on a mud soaked track in canada goose gilet uk sale 15 minute heats for the amusement of people who are really into that sort of thing. The rules are simple: Drivers have three minutes to smash the bahookey out of someone, or they’re disqualified. At the same time, they also have to stay within barriers of the track, not run away like a little bitch, and not canada goose lorette uk be bad sportsmen, because all of those things will get them disqualified as well.. buy canada goose jacket

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