As for Kashmir, he said that presently there was no sympathy

Sullivan, who made the comments while expressing outrage at Flynn’s crime of lying to the FBI, clarified soon after that he didn’t intend to accuse Flynn of treason and apologized. Sullivan walking back his remarks makes sense, since there isn’t really any legal grounds to charge Flynn with treason. Is openly or declaratively at war with.

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In the region cannot be ushered in without good Pak Afghan ties, he said. As for Kashmir, he said that presently there was no sympathy for Pakistan on the Kashmir issue as the general narrative outside Pakistan was canada goose parka uk that Pakistan was sponsoring terrorism. He suggested the Northern Ireland model for mending the Indo Pak ties where, he said, the governments of the UK and the Irish Republic did not play as important a part as did the educational institutions, the civil society, and the church and the 30 years of bitter feuding, which claimed so many lives, were successfully brought to an end.

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