“What matters most is your overall way of eating and living

And he urged would be dieters not to get discouraged by the occasional slip up. “What matters most is your overall way of eating and living,” Ornish said. “So if you indulge yourself one day, it doesn’t mean you cheated or you’re bad, just eat healthier the next.

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Nadella can announce a final Windows XP patch, but make it clear that this is really and truly it. I’d suggest a thoughtful blog post accompany the announcement, one where Nadella acknowledges Windows XP users’ dilemma, but also reminds them of all the ways they can effectively and, maybe, affordably upgrade. He can also use it as a teaching moment: This is blog link why you stay on the upgrade path, so you’re never caught with your security pants down..

Until your new Medicare card is issued, here’s what you can do to protect your SSN on your current card. The Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, a national consumer resource on identity theft, recommends that you carry your Medicare card only when you visit a health care provider for the first time, so the provider can make a copy for their files. Otherwise, make a photocopy of your card and cut it down to wallet size.

After covering red carpets (BET Awards, MTV VMAs) and interviewing big names ranging from Quincy Jones to Rick James during his three year tenure at the fast paced urban weekly Rolling Out, his passion for storytelling called him to the alt weekly world. During his first five years at Creative Loafing, he entrenched himself in local music coverage as music editor. He put a young Janelle Monae, already talented beyond belief, on her first cover for the publication’s annual music issue.